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Check out the successful application of the optical network solutions in various industries to understand customers 'evaluation of the optical network.


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Your satisfaction is GRT's lifelong pursuit,Your troubles are our troubles, Please let me know your desire,Try our best!!

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Transfer the research and development of core and cutting-edge technologies into productivity, promoting China's national optica enterprises to support and lead the healthy development of high-end optical industry.

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    For years, we have been committed to rooting in the industry, in-depth scene product design and innovation, for industry users.
    Construct optical network transmission solutions to create new value for customer networks.

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  • In the field of customized solutions, we are committed to providing comprehensive development and manufacturing services to support your realization of customized optical communication solutions, covering all aspects from concept development to volume production.Our customized solution team can shorten the development cycle, innovate solutions create excellent quality, and gain competitive advantage.Our professional experience and technology can not only provide solutions for industrial, medical, as well as transportation target markets,but also create a long term cooperation with military and aerospace applications.





    Hundreds of well-known enterprises have witnessed that choosing quality is choosing success.