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Check out the successful application of the optical network solutions in various industries to understand customers 'evaluation of the optical network.


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Transfer the research and development of core and cutting-edge technologies into productivity, promoting China's national optica enterprises to support and lead the healthy development of high-end optical industry.

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    Media Report 2021-12-02

    Guangruntong Technology invites you to join 2021 International Technology Innovation EXPO

    From December 2 to 4, 2021, BEYOND International Technology Innovat...

    Corporate dynamics 2019-05-28

    "Glory to the Orient" China's High-speed Railway Goes to a New Era of Localization

    Corporate dynamics 2019-05-28

    The GRT One-way Transmission Helps the National Secrecy Bureau

    Market activities 2019-05-28

    GRT escorts the whole process of "Safe World Expo"

    Shanghai World Expo is a modern exhibition with a brand-new concept...

    Media Report 2019-05-28

    25G fiber optic network card: an efficient solution to 100G network

    With the research and development of 25G by famous enterprises in G...

    Corporate dynamics 2019-05-28

    Introduction and Analysis of Bypass Card Function of Network Security Equipment

    Network security platform manufacturers often need to use a special...

    Market activities 2019-05-28

    Domestic goods should be self-improvement! GRT helps the rise of "China Core"

    The scale construction of 5G in the future and FTTx in fixed-line b...

    Corporate dynamics 2019-05-28

    GRT Product Customization Service

          With the in-depth development of cloud computi...

    Industry information 2019-05-27

    Chinese goods should strengthen themselves! China's core is unstoppable.

    The scale construction of 5G in the future and FTTx in fixed-line b...

    Industry information 2019-05-27

    Full range of solutions to 5G Hosted Network product deployed

    Today,in China, 4G network is the most commom used mobile communica...