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  • 2019-05-22
  • Three months ago, the front desk of the company received a phone call saying that there was a person who could only provide his own code because he was very interested in seeing our products on Junwang Mall.  They just moved here to the new campus, which is also a response to the call. The new campus is making optical fiber renovation to replace the power port network card in the desktop and adopt optical fiber network card to ensure efficient and stable transmission of the network.  At that time, it was Director Liu who called for advice.  Director Liu said that because this side is itself a confidential unit, and there are many kinds of network cards on the market, and the quality is also uneven, in terms of product selection, director Liu was unable to start at that time.  Between web browsing and model selection, director Liu had a flash of inspiration. yes, take a look at the military web mall.  Then I saw the products we showed on the military mall.  As time went by, Director Liu also found that we were the only manufacturer in the military mall that independently developed and manufactured high-quality optical fiber network cards.

    Director Liu's phone number indicated the purpose of his visit, and the company immediately started to communicate with the customers before sales to further understand the customers' ideas and the network connection mode to be realized by the customers.  Director Liu's side is a new park with his own computer room. The office is about 100 meters away from the computer room. The optical fiber side has been arranged and the number of desktop computers is in the process of further statistics.  Director Liu and our pre-sales have fully explained the situation. According to director Liu's multi-gigabit network environment and the requirement of government departments that no extra network cards are needed for the network cards, director Liu is recommended to use our F901E-V3.0 network card and match it with our G-8501DNL module. Such matching is most suitable in terms of stability and cost performance.  Director Liu said that there was no problem, but there was another problem during this period, that is, among these computers, 10 devices needed to be connected to printers for office use, and one of the problems was that the printers were RJ45 connectors.  The pre-sales engineer bowed their heads and thought for a moment, and immediately made a plan for Director Liu. On the basis of the original plan, we can replace the single-port network card F901E-v3.0 with the double-port network card F902E-V3.0, and the network card itself meets the customer's requirements. The gigabit multimode fiber module with G-8501DNL and the gigabit port module with G-8212-T can meet Director Liu's requirements.

    After the communication was completed, Director Liu and Guangruntong hit it off immediately. Director Liu said that Guangruntong showed the qualities and performance that a high-end enterprise should have in terms of the arrival of products, whether it was the communication in the early stage and the understanding before sales, or the signing of the contract in the later stage.