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Transfer the research and development of core and cutting-edge technologies into productivity, promoting China's national optica enterprises to support and lead the healthy development of high-end optical industry.

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  • History 

    Since its establishment in 2009, GRT has achieved more and more great results after a decade of vigorous development, each of the comrades who fought with us witnessed that this section of our journey only belongs to us.


    • GRT has obtained a number of customized  security product contracts from national confidentiality agencies and major network security manufacturers!

    • GRT Gigabit Optical Network Card F901E has become a designated fiber to desktop product designated by national ministries and subordinate units

    • GRT technology has officially become a Beijing science and technology board cultivation enterprise!

    • GRT's 10/40G Bypass card broke through the technical barriers and became the first domestic manufacturer to have a bespoke Bypass network card from the bottom

    • GRT technology's gigabit network adapter chip is officially mass-produced!

    • The military and civilian integration project of GRT technology was officially launched!


    GRT helped the rise of "China Core" and successfully launched the 10G Network Card with its own chip

    The first domestic OCP network card was successfully developed and launched.

    Innovatively launched the 25G network cards


    As a national high-tech enterprise, GRT has built a new Guang run tong North Production Base which has officially started operation.

    International Trade Division officially entered the North American market.


    GRT's independent research and development of the new version of the network card has been approved by a number of National Patents.


    GRT's full line of products passed all the quality management system certification and became a member of Intel China Manufacturing Base.


    GRT became the Chinese Military designated optical network product supplier !


    GRT successfully signed up with a telecommunications operator to become its long-term optical network product supplier


    The GRT brand has been fully certified by CE, FCC, ROHS, LVDE and other mainstream international certifications, laying the foundation for the international market!


    GTR optical module successfully accomplished the data transmison task of the Tiangong ground receiving platform.

    GRT becomes national independent optical network card sales champion for the sales volume of 1G dual port optical NIC.


    GRT optical module became the designated brand of Shanghai Expo Network Security. GRT successfully cooperated with network security manufacturers to ensure the Expo network security.

    GRT's network cards are launched, including Gigabit single port RJ45 NIC, Gigabit dual port RJ45 NIC, Gigabit quad port RJ45 NIC, Gigabit single port optical NIC, Gigabit dual port optical NIC, Gigabit quad port optical NIC, 10G single port optical NIC, 10G dual port optical NIC, and other network server adapters.


    GRT optical module was officially launched, including six categories: 1*9, SFP, SFP+, XFP and other series. GRT became the designated supplier of China Aerospace Optical Network products of the same year.


    GRT's predecessor Guang He Zhi Da became the optical module supplier of the Beijing Olympic Network Center!