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  • 2019-07-15
  • Customer profile

    Mr. Lin is the product manager of a network security manufacturer in Wuhan. because of the difference in chassis specifications, some ordinary network cards with special chassis specifications cannot be used on new equipment. Mr. Lin learned that guangruntong has customized services through the network and found our technicians to find out about the customization.

    Customer plan

    Our pre-sales engineers have had detailed communication with the customers, and the company can fully meet the customers' demand for products.  Therefore, the two sides signed a product customization agreement. According to the requirements of the customer, our research and development engineers repeatedly communicated with the customer through drawing and printing, constantly polishing the products, and within two weeks, our test samples were delivered as promised.  The customer got the product, and our technicians went to the customer's project site on a business trip to ensure the normal transmission of the test product. After a series of product tests, the final sample test passed.

    Customer feedback

    Mr. Lin said that Guangruntong's customized services better meet the needs of product diversification and differentiation.  It provides more choices for network security manufacturers.  Customization further reached a purchase agreement. A month later, the technicians and Mr. Lin met again in Wuhan. This time, unlike the last time, the technicians came to debug the products on site. After one day of installation and debugging, all of Mr. Lin's special cases were fitted with customized products. Through the trial, Mr. Lin smiled and expressed great satisfaction.  Mr. Lin added that we can test our regular product again, a gigabit single-socket network card.

    As a national first-line brand, Guangruntong provides you with a full range of optical communication products and a complete set of optical fiber solutions.  On the basis of the original products, it is more appropriate for customers to provide professional one-to-one customized services.