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  • Domestic goods should be self-improvement! GRT helps the rise of "China Core"

  • 2019-05-28
  • The scale construction of 5G in the future and FTTx in fixed-line broadband both need to upgrade the optical transmission network. Many practitioners believe that the existing information systems need to be upgraded continuously. Therefore, the mainstream demand for optical communication equipment, optical fiber cables for optical communication transmission, optical devices for optical signal processing and other products will drive the domestic market to continue to soar.

    Although the overall environment is peaceful, the market for optical communication is not optimistic. peer shoddy, malicious bidding, second-hand and low-end unauthorized entry have made the optical communication market malodorous. in the face of such a market, guangruntong people still adhere to the viewpoint of "building enterprises in good faith and developing solid enterprises". for example, the optical network card manufacturing industry, which is a medium and high-end product, has undergone rapid iterations, and the profit margin of some products has dropped rapidly, even facing shutdown.  In recent years, the 10 trillion network card, which is the main source of profits, has been gradually declining due to the above reasons. However, if an enterprise wants to develop for a long time, it can only improve its profit margin by integrating the upstream industry chain, such as independent research and development of chips.

    The proposal of this concept makes Guangruntong people continuously explore. The domestic manufacturers that independently develop and produce optical fiber network cards are obviously not mature enough in the core technology field. They are basically imported from the United States and Japan. They are far ahead in chip technology and China is unlikely to catch up in a short period of time.  At present, the data center industry is undergoing large-scale construction in China and even in the world, which can be said to complement the optical communication industry. This will be another large-scale market, but now it is tightly gripped by outsiders. The generation of a chip represents the embodiment of a country's technology in the field of optical communication.  At present, domestic chips are labeled as "imported". Some enterprises can only make an issue of appearance and accessories, and they will hardly make efforts in research and development.  What should China do?  How does Guangruntong carry out this historical mission?

    With the development of the times and the enhancement of Chinese people's awareness of progress, most domestic enterprises want to own their own core products. However, most of them have been groping their way to independent research and development. They have come to the following conclusions: independent innovation, large investment in capital and talents, and weak strength of Chinese optical device manufacturers, which cannot bear the huge research and development costs alone.  However, technological research and development requires a large amount of funds. In the absence of state-sponsored investment, it is difficult for Chinese optical device manufacturers to complete technological research and development with their own strength, and the domestic market for optical chips is not large.  If there is no substantial return to drive huge investments, high risks do not necessarily have high returns, and only a handful of manufacturers are willing to be mice.  Therefore, for the domestic optical communication field, what is most lacking is the ability of independent innovation and research.  These technical gaps need to be filled by someone, and this is exactly a breakthrough and opportunity for Guangrun to pursue development and progress.

    As the leader of national first-line optical communication, Guangruntong is fearless of difficulties and obstacles, sticks to its responsibility, does not grudge its investment in research and development, employs a group of senior research and development personnel in the industry, continuously strengthens the research and development of industrial core technologies and cutting-edge technologies and converts them into productivity, so that China's own national enterprises can support and lead the healthy development of the entire high-end science and technology industry.  During this research and development period, each of our participating research and development personnel has been adhering to the spirit of ingenuity, under great pressure, improving the scheme over and over again, and exploring how to design the most perfect chip, test it over and over again, and how to make the chip more superior in performance.  The scheme failed, improved again, the performance was not superior enough, redesigned, encountered all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, never flinched, discussed day after day, consulted year after year, constantly polishing the chip and casting the brand.  Even if they are all in the company, they don't care at all. when they are hungry and soaked in noodles, they sleep on the sofa for a while. after waking up, they look up all kinds of information again. they discuss all kinds of plans in the middle of the night. how many days and nights, they can see their busy figures and tired and tired faces. however, in the end, our research and development personnel still persevered. guangruntong people live up to expectations. in 2018, guangruntong technology will introduce the first autonomous network adapter chip to meet with everyone. they are very looking forward to sharing the first optical chip in China --GRT chip and its high quality performance!  Let's make greater contributions to the construction of "China Core".